Friday, May 29, 2009

XPDC de' SAMBESTT -Chilling Waterfall, KKB -

To all Sambestarians SPM bacth 04 (boys only)

You are invited to join XPDC SAMBEST 'Chilling Waterfall, KKB'.... on 13hb June 2009,Saturday..
You are supposed to gathered at Cimap's/Dzul Aqmal Houze, at Selayang 9.30 am ....we will convoy to KKB using Ulu Yam Route
Please sms me @ Em Farhan for conformations..

Budget : BBQ ( nt more than rm10 and "minyak")...
Transport : Sendirian Berhad...(Kongsi2 r kete..)
Advices : bring extra shirt/shorts...jalan nk msuk kena trekking ckit and merentasi be prepared.
here are some pic to view bout dat place...
and website..