Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Waiting For Tomorrow ? Start With Today

This post is dedicated to myself and is inspired from my friends post.

If you’re waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?For if tomorrow never comes, you’ll surely regret the day that you didn’t take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss.

Nobody can say that they can still be here tomorrow. Nobody knows what tomorrow will show up. We keep on thinking that everything will be the same tomorrow as it is today. But, tomorrow will promise you only nothing different from today.

Yet, there’s still many of us who don’t realize what a blessing it is to have your best friends around. Until suddenly, you realize that you have one last day to spend with them. When that day comes, everything else seems irrelevant. It doesn’t matter anymore how many arguments you have been fighting for. It doesn’t matter anymore how much they owe you for buying something when they dont have enough money. When you know you get to spend one last day with your best friend, the only thing that remains is of the good times together. When you know it’s the last day, you can spend the time taking photos, hoping to capture your memory together one last time. But nothing compares to the memories of just eating together, coming over to each other’s house, go on camping, or riding bicycles together. Suddenly each and every moment spent with your friends, even small things, feels much more meaningful. When you’ve shared years of your life with someone, it’s not easy to let go. There’s so much for you to say, but there’s so little time, and you don’t even know where to start.

Nobody can promise you that they can still be here tomorrow. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. If today is all you get, would you still hesitate to carve a smile, to lend a hug, or to tell your friends how much they mean to you? Live each day as if it is the last chance for you to spend time with them. Dont forget to say ‘thank you’, ‘forgive me’ and ‘I appreciate you’. Approach them and enjoy your moment with them, and life will seem so much more meaningful. So If you’re waiting for to do something tomorrow, why dont you do it today(now) Because maybe today is the only thing left for you

Copyright from 'Friends"...-thanx for this post-

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soko -sHitty Day..what a cute little song

its a funny and cute song..i pick this song from one of my frentz blog..njoy it

Soko - Shitty Day

I hate myself today.
I don’t know what’s happening to me.
I hate my face today.
I think I look so shitty. I have some sweat everywhere.
I’m not even shaved.

My hair all greasy.
I look disgusting. My eyes are glued.
My lips are chaffed.
My legs are prickling
And plus I’m stinky today.

How can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gonna dump me again,
And I am gonna cry.
Coz you want a perfect girl,
And I’m not what you expected.
You want a perfect girl.
And I look shitty today.

Maybe I should put some makeup,
And find some crazy outfits.
But I am very tired today
And I don’t care if I’m not pretty.
Should be like these girls, Skinny and great all the time.
I’m still wearing my slippers
And eat all the candies at home.

I should sleep more,
And stop going out every day.
I should focus more,
And stop complaining today.

Tell me,
How can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gonna dump me again,
And I am gonna cry.
Cuz you want a perfect girl.
And I’m not so perfect.
You want a perfect girl,
And I look shitty today.

Tell me, how can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gonna dump me,
And I am gonna cry

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Friday, February 6, 2009

BBQ time!! Boys Night

its me...

its barbeque time again..yahooo....
one of the routine activity here, having BBQ at night...but today, we change our menu with fish...quite delicious n yummy...bsides fish, we also having otak2..which paiman bought frm nilai 3...its taste so good..really good..yeah
while having the i said in my prev post..we are been cursing to watch Raja lawak..n its worth..too many jokes n laughter frm the candidates..
here are some pic i want to share with you..njoying the damn good BBQ...

deliciouszity of fish...
zaini showing his skill...

Curse of the Raja Lawak Astro

Here it comes...FRIDAY
Friday 13th? oh no,not that film...
its just a day after thursday..hehehe...mmm its just friday,
The Curse Of The Raja will haunted to all of my housemate since last year..Raja Lawak 2...why??? because when it comes to friday,9pm...all of my housemate (including me) will stuck in front of the tV...waiting anxiously for the Raja Lawak Astro season matter what, they will try to avoid doing other thing at that time..
its really funny when all of us will gathered and watching together...

at this moment, i dont have the favourite candidate to support ...i just having fun watching all the performance...and laugh when its funny( even its hard to laugh cause sometimes its nt funny,but silly joke).. but i kind of like man belon...his style and the way he talks really funny although he doesnt really make us laugh with his joke...hehehe..
example...his favourite quote like "awwkkkk'(with his leg move) =p, and in his 1st week performance "adik nak belon?",satgi ble mak lalu,adik jerit...MAk Nak beLon,Mak nk Belon!!
mak malu satgi de beli la"
dont forget to watch Raja Lawak,friday 9pm...hehehehe...

Man Belon (already out),awwkkk!!

amir?? huh boringggg....