Tuesday, July 20, 2010

South Africa World Cup 2010

11th June until 12th July , world comes together for an event, most prestigious tournament on earth- FIFA World Cup 2010 at South Africa. No doubt about that. 32 teams take part from all over the world, 64 games to watch. What a brilliant time to enjoy this moment, right after i have finished my degree, with nothing to do. Starting from first match, the host - South Africa played against Mexico, until the last match on 12th July, the moment all football fans will be waiting and eager to watch for every four years, "The Final' when Spain, European champions 2008 versus Netherlands, all matches gave an exciting drama, magical moment, tears and joy.
A lot of drama that i can remember for this world cup
1. England's blunder and bad performance
2. Italy,world cup holder, bunch of losers..not even make to the last 16(second round)
3. France- as predicted, flopped!!
4. Brazil, another misery for them even though one of the hot favorites to win the cup
5. Argentina- an over confidence from Diego Maradona
's team, make them being thrashed by Germany.
6. Young Germany squad dazzles their skills, outplayed Uruguay, England and Argentina
7. Spain won the World Cup for the first time in history.
8. Uruguay- Best team in this world cup. Diego Forlan ruled.
9. The most famous Vuvuzuela and Jabulani Ball

As for me, Im supporting Italy, Holland and Cam
eroon. Surprisingly, Italy played so bad, even i cant bare to watch them on their final game against Slovakia (besides busy to get ready for my Perhentian trip). Better be luck next time Azzuri. Then, Holland/Netherlands have their charming luck on their side, make me enjoy each of their game, most notable against Brazil.

Besides those three teams, I also enjoyed supporting Ghana, they played really well, with their pride and confident, beautiful skills from them. But in the end, they lost to Uruguay on penalty shoot out after dominating most of the game. It really sad they cant continue to the semi finals.

After all, it is enjoyable and exciting one for me...and now, i will spend almost two month without watching a football match...huh, what a boring day


See You Later---> "World Cup 2014" in Brazil.....