Saturday, January 31, 2009

FutsaL de' SambesT

Thursday,29th January 09...

da very first one Futsal de' Sambest ever held at night..its a very special event..cause we usually held Futsal de' Sambest during as usual, its full of fun n full of laughter..from the moment we see each , till we're leaving.

we started at 12am and played bout 2hours...totally 15 people who comes and played that night..11 ex sambest,the others are not..

Ex sambest who attend that lovely game...

Cimap-Em-Encem-Manjo-Acap Che lah-Ae-Budin(Pro M)-Sopek-Ajoi-Anas-Haikal

the others: Armi,Azizi...n that 2 person,i didnt evn knw their sorry..hehehe

Here are some pictures while they're playing..
-Its Em, Ae and Budin..well prepared b4 game started

-Cimap? Peace Bro!!...n Sopek(behind)

-Crazy Manjo,Ajoi and Encem..

-Anas (blue),Ekal (no 5),Ae,Budin (walking),Sopek (yellow)

next Session Futsal de' Sambest? mmm maybe this May....semester break..huhuhu..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

FiNaLLy!! da verY fiRst One

Its BeeN a veRy Awkward thiNg foR me tO write This bLog...before this i JusT reaD otHer's BloG..its like a HobbY.yeah..pretTy, todaY i want to tRy it bY mYseLF....

Its VerY unExpecTed,(or UNINVITED) All start beCause i DonT knOw whAt Else tO dO..

DoesNt kNw whaT to Write..wHat to sHow..when To pOst..

but iT doesnt maTter at All..becauSe its My bLog,which auTomaticAlly tell wHatever U liKe,WheneVer u wAnt...thanks n credit to aLL mY frIends that alReadY have bLog.. tHey insPire Me..

haVe Fun..And pLzz..giv a CommEnt..

ThEsiS ProposAL !!!

OMG!! ...i still nt yet finishing da thesis proposal..its been a long time..bsides, i still not seeing Puan Che LoveLy SuperVisoR...i bet She wiLL be WaitiNg me na na na na...
most of my claSSmate have finished writng that BeLOved PropOsAL...wah..what a sHame for me..but the rumOurs now...Prof ZaiTon always make their Life nOt Perfect..hehehe..sorry prof...i'm nOt talking behind...(sorry if grammatically wrong)...because Prof always Demand a Very perfect One(that proposal)..i dOnt knOw how am i gOnna Pass thaT..huhuhu..

but.. by hook or by crook, i MUST finisheD it this week..hohoho..if not, for sure i will be slammed by my supervisOr...hhehehe..

wish me Luck doing that LuvLy ^thesiS proposaL^

for da doing a Thesis bout ManGo..yuM... YuM...sLUrrrrPP

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ManChestEr UniteD biG WiN,reMains aT theTop

yeah..another win..another record being made..a total 11 game with clean sheet...nice defence by them..
yesterday they played West Brom Albion..and thumped the relegation team 5-0..
scored twice from ronaldo..berbatov,giggs and nemanja's the complete news and other team resulted..check it out ;-

Source: The Sun
Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar went a league record 1,032 minutes without conceding to surpass the mark of 925 set by Chelsea’s Petr Cech in the 2004-05 season.

The defending champions have now established a three-point lead in the title race over Liverpool.

For now, the Reds have Aston Villa for company on 47 points after Emile Heskey scored on his debut to clinch a 1-0 win over Portsmouth.

Tottenham beat Stoke 3-1 to move three points ahead of its relegation rival, which was level with bottom-placed West Brom and three other teams on 21. Kenwyne Jones, who Spurs had hoped to sign, scored in Sunderland’s 1-0 win over Fulham.