Thursday, January 29, 2009

ThEsiS ProposAL !!!

OMG!! ...i still nt yet finishing da thesis proposal..its been a long time..bsides, i still not seeing Puan Che LoveLy SuperVisoR...i bet She wiLL be WaitiNg me na na na na...
most of my claSSmate have finished writng that BeLOved PropOsAL...wah..what a sHame for me..but the rumOurs now...Prof ZaiTon always make their Life nOt Perfect..hehehe..sorry prof...i'm nOt talking behind...(sorry if grammatically wrong)...because Prof always Demand a Very perfect One(that proposal)..i dOnt knOw how am i gOnna Pass thaT..huhuhu..

but.. by hook or by crook, i MUST finisheD it this week..hohoho..if not, for sure i will be slammed by my supervisOr...hhehehe..

wish me Luck doing that LuvLy ^thesiS proposaL^

for da doing a Thesis bout ManGo..yuM... YuM...sLUrrrrPP

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