Friday, February 6, 2009

Curse of the Raja Lawak Astro

Here it comes...FRIDAY
Friday 13th? oh no,not that film...
its just a day after thursday..hehehe...mmm its just friday,
The Curse Of The Raja will haunted to all of my housemate since last year..Raja Lawak 2...why??? because when it comes to friday,9pm...all of my housemate (including me) will stuck in front of the tV...waiting anxiously for the Raja Lawak Astro season matter what, they will try to avoid doing other thing at that time..
its really funny when all of us will gathered and watching together...

at this moment, i dont have the favourite candidate to support ...i just having fun watching all the performance...and laugh when its funny( even its hard to laugh cause sometimes its nt funny,but silly joke).. but i kind of like man belon...his style and the way he talks really funny although he doesnt really make us laugh with his joke...hehehe..
example...his favourite quote like "awwkkkk'(with his leg move) =p, and in his 1st week performance "adik nak belon?",satgi ble mak lalu,adik jerit...MAk Nak beLon,Mak nk Belon!!
mak malu satgi de beli la"
dont forget to watch Raja Lawak,friday 9pm...hehehehe...

Man Belon (already out),awwkkk!!

amir?? huh boringggg....

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