Monday, February 15, 2010


Wake up in the morning, take a bath, eat breakfast at 12...then switch on the laptop...browsing FB for fun( not in the mood to give a comment on anybody's page..browsing internet, bla bla bla bla..Then watching movies in my friends external drive (not really watching, just have a quick glance on each movies...)

Maybe its not a happy go lucky day today..but somethings happen..miracle happen just moments ago..Some things can go away and then come back..weeeee...

Friendship is like that?is it? kadang2 boleh gaduh, kadang2 elok balik...and thats relation is all about...Couples, friendships...its all same....yang penting kita pandai menghargai dan menjaga....have a good Couple! have a good Friends!!

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Sayer Best said...

you've been tag~Jawab la kalau rajen.Amek dalam blog aku k.ko copy entry tu,pastu padam,tulis lak jawapan ko

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